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Zan Lynx zlynx at acm.org
Mon Sep 7 23:44:24 BST 2015

On 9/7/2015 1:38 PM, mmjustus at mmjustus.com wrote:
> Lois:
>> I don't think any end-reader looks at blurbs
> I beg to differ.  Blurbs are one of my two main determinants if I'm 
> going to buy a book.  That and reviews (which are frustratingly 
> uncontrollable). Covers are a slightly more distant third, because I 
> want to know what a book is *about*, and the cover, 99 times out of 
> 100, isn't much use for that purpose except generically (in both 
> senses of the term).
> I may be an outlier, though.

I read blurbs too. Anne McCaffery's enthusiastic blurb got me to read 
Lee & Miller's Conflict of Honors. And I think Jim Butcher blurbed a 
series. And I started reading Georgette Heyer because Lois said she was 
good. That was not a blurb, but it had a similar effect.

The blurb only works for me though if it is someone I know and trust 

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