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Tue Sep 8 00:04:08 BST 2015

On 9/7/2015 1:38 PM, mmjustus at mmjustus.com wrote:
> Lois:
>> I don't think any end-reader looks at blurbs
> I beg to differ.  Blurbs are one of my two main determinants if I'm going 
> to buy a book.  That and reviews (which are frustratingly uncontrollable). 
> Covers are a slightly more distant third, because I want to know what a 
> book is *about*, and the cover, 99 times out of 100, isn't much use for 
> that purpose except generically (in both senses of the term).
> I may be an outlier, though.

> I read blurbs too. Anne McCaffery's enthusiastic blurb got me to read
Lee & Miller's Conflict of Honors. And I think Jim Butcher blurbed a
series. And I started reading Georgette Heyer because Lois said she was
good. That was not a blurb, but it had a similar effect.

> The blurb only works for me though if it is someone I know and trust

Okay.  I was using one meaning of "blurb", as in the short description you 
get on the back of a paperback or in the Amazon listing.

Lois and Zan were obviously using the other meaning, that of "someone famous 
recommending your book."

I don't really care who recommends a book.  That brief description is what 
is important to me in choosing my reading material.  My not paying much 
attention to the cover art does stand, though.

for whom Lois's original statement makes much more sense now 

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