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One thing about thumbnails--if they looking "interesting" enough to me, I 
can be tempted to click on them to see if there is a larger, more detailed 
image with more informtion/visual appeal/visual description of the book to 
it.  The "graphic" simple no interesting detail scenery covers, I find very 

--Paula Lieberman
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> LMB:
> Still wondering what the minimum "extras" should be.  I don't want to
> clutter the nice clean striking images....
> Awards won only?  Finalist placements?  What makes you all look twice,
> or click for a closer description, when web shopping?  (The cover has
> done its main job, for which it gets maybe a couple of seconds, when the
> shopper clicks.)

Title, author and a 'feel' for the story from the cover pic - that's what 
me to the blurb. In the blurb I want to know the tone of the story, the 
characters, and a very rough outline of the type of plot. Some catchy tag
line will grab me: 'Sarah knew it was going to be one of those days when the
grand piano fell through the ceiling', etc.

Although I'm probably not a good source for this, since most of my book
buying comes from recommendations, mostly from this site (you people
cost me a fortune, you know.)


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