[LMB] COC: Chapter 25When the Saints come Marching In

Sylvia McIvers sylviamcivers at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 17:12:58 BST 2015

Running a bit late, hope you all had a happy holiday weekend, and a
successful return to school!

When the petty saint of the Father talks to Caz, he tries to delicately
find out if this raging conflagration that he sees means that the stranger
is a fellow saint. Obviously won't be a 'petty' saint, by the brightness of
the light!

And Caz answers, "alas." just that one word.

So I wonder if the divines, who can't see the light at all, know that one
of the signs of sainthood is not loudness and flamboyant flim-flam, but a
quiet resignation and tendency to cuss 'the boss' as overworked workers
everywhere do.

That could make things a bit harder for traveling con-artists who march
into town and declare themself a saint, hand over the money and I'll be on
my way!


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