[LMB] Gregor - What a coincidence!

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 9 13:17:25 BST 2015

Ok, before I pick up Gregor's character study, I have a few comments about 

Miles is thrown into jail on Jackson's Whole and meets up with Gregor.  Wild

But the thing is, that sort of coincidence happens all the time. You fly from
Sydney to London, walk down the street and meet your dentist, or an old
neighbour, or a kid you taught (all those have happened to people I know.)

Two personal examples:

I drove from Sydney to the Gold Coast (just under a thousand kilometres, 
about 620 miles). I was with The Love of My Life, we went to a theme park, 
as you do. Waiting in a long line for a raft ride - 6 to a raft, they needed two
more to fill the next one. We hurtled forward, leapt into the raft, and off it
went. And I looked up to see the President of my school's P & C, his wife, and
two other parents from my school. 

Many, many years ago I had to do a river study for a course I was studying. 
I chose a nice little creek way out in the bush (forest/woods). Way out. A
squadron of relatives decided to come along and have a picnic - any excuse
is a good one. After I'd measured and taken soundings we had our barbecue
and all the extras. As we finished three young soldiers stumbled out of the 
bush - they were on a survival course. They decided we were part of their
environment, so they happily finished off the sausages and half an apple pie.
As we all chatted we discovered that one of them was the son of a cousin
of my father's.  

So, over all, I had no problems with Miles and Gregor meeting up like that.
It happens all the time. 



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