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Wed Sep 9 16:02:41 BST 2015

And the name says a lot about Gregor's mental condition at this point.

So, Miles finds Gregor, and manages to stick with him to Aslund. 

There's an interesting contrast between the two men. Miles is instantly aware
of the political implications of Gregor disappearing on Komarr. He's working out
the possible disasters, and feels the terrible pressure of responsibility to protect
Gregor. Gregor is wrapped up in his own private pity party, and is almost 
indifferent to the political havoc he's left behind him.  He's passive, compared
to Miles (ok, everyone is passive compared to Miles, but he's not making much
of an effort.)

Miles thinks at an Imperial level. He's always planning ahead, looking at the
ramifications of various events, assessing situations. Gregor, by comparison, 
is floating along at this stage. 

He's still worrying about his failure with Vordrozda. Gregor is about 25 now, 
but he's still just a figure-head while Aral and Simon do the work. He mentions
all the talks Aral has given him about power, etc - Aral is trying to make sure 
Gregor can do the job. By 25 he should be really taking control, but he's just
drifting. And whining. 

He's also nobody. He's enjoying just being a face in the crowd. He's picking up
life skills, slowly.

It's interesting that 25 Gregor, loose in the Nexus for the first time, is cheated
out of his wages and dumped on Jackson's Whole. At 17 Miles, loose in the 
Nexus for the first time, created a mercenary fleet. 

When they get together with Elena, she quickly runs through how big the 
disaster will be if Gregor doesn't go home safely. 

It's interesting that Gregor starts to wake up when Metzov turns up. Maybe
it's the familiarity, but he fences verbally with Metzov and - finally - seems to
be thinking. 

And then Cavilo gets involved.....

Gwynne (....and things get steamy.)

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