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Wed Sep 9 22:14:21 BST 2015

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>> On Sep 9, 2015, at 09:06, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>> He walked into a little tea-house in the middle of nowhere - and a voice
>> said: "Hello Tony!"
>> It was someone he'd worked with over a decade earlier.
>I think I've told this story here before, but when I was on my solo 
>across-the-U.S. trip 16 years ago (eep), I stopped in Cincinnati (a city of 
>almost 300,000 people) to visit a couple of friends.  One was someone I'd 
>gone to library school with.  The other was someone I'd met on a mailing 
>list similar to this one.
>When I asked the mailing list friend if I could borrow her phone to call my 
>library school friend, she said sure, then asked me, "what's your friend's 
>name?"  I told her and she busted out laughing.  Turns out my two friends 
>had been best friends with each other for decades.  We all had a wonderful 
>weekend together.

I remember when were looking for the house where we live currently, we
visited one house and got chatting to the owner.

"Where are you moving from?", she asked.
"Swindon." - about 200 miles away, a long way for the UK[1].
"Oh, whereabouts in Swindon?"  
"Old Town."
"Really! I have a friend in Old Town - she lives in a flat in a place
called "The Grange."
"You know her?"
"Yes - she's in flat 3; we're in flat 2."
"what are the odds?  I've known Jane since she was seven."

[1] In the UK, 100 miles is a long way.  In the US, 100 years is a long

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