[LMB] Human/god interaction

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 17:28:42 BST 2015

It's not completely clear whether Dondo's death is caused by the Fifth or
the demon that works for him.  But the encapsulating field that contains
that demon must be purely the work of the Daughter.  And it seems to have
something in common with electricity, as well as inducing cancerous (or
cancer-like) growth.  It's this, combined with bits of the sermon in PoS,
which make me think that the gods might be electromagnetic fields, possibly
powered by Earth's core.

We're told that cancers are the dark gifts of the gods.  This might be mere
superstition, but mutating a single cell seems within the plausible reach
of the gods' unassisted abilities.

Dondo's death, characterized by swelling shut of the mouth and throat,
looks suspiciously like a severe allergic response.  I suspect that, given
modern medical attention, he might have survived that method of execution.

And we're not only told about the gods' ability to manipulate plants, we
see an example with the trees Ista blesses, each producing a single fruit
out of season.

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