[LMB] analogy: Quintarians are to Quadrenes as Betans are to Barrayarans

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Fri Sep 11 16:02:11 BST 2015

Not even trying to put together the various comments that lead up to this
question . . .

By inference from various stories and demonstrations, Caz's soul is shaped
like a cup. This is why he can be receptive. (It's still his decision to be

Caz tells Ista that her soul is shaped like a sword, and that's why the
Mother's efforts through her failed.

How can Ista then receive the Bastard, in PoS? Does it have something to do
with the type of action? Is the Bastard wielding Ista like a sword, and she
accepts his hand on the handle? Does the metaphor of sword fit Ista's
actions in a way that is analogous to the metaphor of cup fitting Caz's

I don't see it but I'd like to.


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