[LMB] saint for the curses & spirit animals? petty saints for every day?

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 23:34:22 BST 2015

Okay, when the Gods have blown it big time and have left of drop of their blood on earth that has cataclysmic effects on petty principalities, or, after cleaning up that mess, need humans to deal with the storm of demons that have been let loose, they find open or sharp vessels to handle their mess. Or, when humans create spirit animals outside of the gods' powers and a certain human manages to cut off four thousand souls from their gods, the Father/Mother/Sister/Brother/Bastard eventually find some humans who will open the gates so that the souls can be redeemed by their gods.

Those are the Gods I can understand -- they don't care about being venerated, they're in it for the big picture that is beyond humans' comprehension and all that.

But, simultaneously, there are petty saints (Clara & the judge in Curse of Chalion) who just kind of hang around doing the very best they can on a day by day basis. They're devoted to their causes -- be it medicine or justice -- but they don't consider themselves saints unless some greater saint notices them.

Why do the gods bother with those petty guys? They aren't furthering great causes. 

Please, what is the answer?

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