[LMB] Son of Autumn, was analogy: Quintarians are to Quadrenes as Betans are to Barrayarans

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 12:36:05 BST 2015

Margaret: I haven't reread HH in a while, but in CoC and PoS, we see all four of the
other gods, but never the Son. The Son is my least favorite god. What do we
know of him that's positive? He has rude animal energy, and he supplies meat
for the table. Any fans of the Son here?

es: Interesting. The Son might be my favorite. He reminds me of several exceptional teachers/coaches who can take a belligerent, uncommunicative 19-year-old boy -- you know, one of those kids who is all brawn but he's uncoordinated and his power of judgment as not developed as quickly as his strength and size and ability to do things -- and teach him to see himself as an adult. I'm not saying it right, but those men amaze me. (I am specifically talking about men here, fellow feminists.)

Ingrey grows over the course of his story in that he finds in himself depths of compassion, the ability to listen, and the confidence to express his own wishes. I know he is helped by Ijada, Hallana, Lewko, and Fafa's owner (I can't remember his name, but he is the closest to another Son in the story). The Son doesn't do much, but each time he interacts with Ingrey, he shows the young tough something pivotal about himself.

My least favorite is the Mother of Summer who simply made Ista's life hell. Yes, yes, I know that Ista wasn't ready and all that. But that doesn't make me like the goddess.

I like the Daughter of Spring and the Bastard. While the Bastard helps Ista grow, I think she needs less intervention than Ingrey. 

I'm cool on the Father of Winter. I'd like to see more about his justice side than his warrior side. Personally, I see Arhys as a sentimental candidate for having a great soul, unlike Ista, Caz, and Umegat who have to change radically.

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