[LMB] CoC Chapter 27 -- Shakespeare -- Sonnet 130[1]

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Sat Sep 12 15:16:49 BST 2015

> From: Walter S Bushell <proto at panix.com>

> After much contemplation I decided to start with Caz with
> the sword in him and on his knees. There he kneels sword in
> belly having accomplished his great goal freeing Chalion from
> the curse and even uniting Chalion and Ibra and having
> experienced the beatific vision, and a keen appreciation of
> matter. ?Gut wound, I shall be dead in three days...

Caz is almost giddy with relief - he's done it, he's lifted the curse.
His huge gods-given task is done, Iselle and Chalion are saved. And
he's not waiting every moment for the worst to happen, it's here
and almost over. He's free of all that terrible pressure he's carried
for so long, and he'd accepted his own death, so he's floating in
his own happy cloud. Kissing Betriz is a bonus, and a lovely way to go.

>  While being carried off he grabs a pebble ....

I have an image of someone, half a century later, sorting out Caz's
effects after he dies, and wondering why a little pebble is in pride of
place in his box of personal treasures.

> While ante climatic this scene gives us more info about the main
> characters and is a pean of praise for our material lives. And 
> the people struck down including the Boacian captain probably
> are that way because they were given notice that their lives should
> have been better.

I don't really see it as an anti-climax; it's a moment of revelations, 
exploring his new perspective on the world. Sort of hovering at the 
top, a quiet moment before the world rushes back in.

> Now back to how this happened. Caz finds himself fighting for time
> blocking an entrance where he can fight one at a time, giving time
> for the royals to escape a Daughter?s Day attack from dy Jironal and
> his forces. The Boacian captain manages to disarm him, and Cazaril 
> in a valiant last ditch effort at distraction goads dy Jironal into 
> murdering him. Caz dies, has his beatific vision and watches the curse
> being lifted and is returned to life. Oh, as a side note the dy Jironal
> dies violently as the death demon carries off dy Jironal and Dondo off. 

I want to know what happens to that Baocian captain.

They all forgot that Caz was a soldier - the way he held the gate was heroic.
And then dy Jironel gave in to his arrogance (was it a last kick from the
curse?) and decided to indulge himself and murder Caz, because it was
murder, not any kind of military action. I have to say, I'm not a nice person - 
I love the whole triple death scene. 

And seeing the Daughter, too, and the curse going. It's all a lovely, very
satisfying, sequence. 

> Cazaril is saved by divine intervention, probably because he?s the
> best man to handle the upcoming invasion of Quintarian populations
> by the Quintarian, or perhaps due to the requests of Iselle ? spiritual
> greatness runs in the family and Betriz.

I think he's also saved because the Daughter is fond of him and wants
him to enjoy the fruits of his labour.


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