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Sat Sep 12 18:01:30 BST 2015

[LMB] graphic art
Karen Hunt huntkc at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 13:11:01 BST 2015

On Sat, Sep 12, 2015 at 8:02 AM, catherine muir <c_muir68 at hotmail.com>

 > > Date: Herself (I think) said:
 > > > > >> We might could still use a bit more brainstorming for _Memory_,
 > _A Civil
 > > > > >> Campaign_, and, if we eventually work around to them for the UK,
 > _Cryoburn_
 > > > > >> and _Captain Vorpatril's Alliance_.  So by all means keep
 > talking, but
 > > > > >> focus down on "theme of the book, what simple image says it at a
 > glance?"
 > > >
 > > So, if we want a different image, how about:  Memory - a hand, opened,
 > having dropped an Eye of Horus pin (or two). A Civil Campaign - an
 > invitation card to THAT dinner party.   Possibly with a rose on the 
 > Cryoburn - has to be a cryochamber.  Doesn't matter if it looks like a
 > coffin with dials.  CVA - two linked rings.

Karen Hunt:  Here's one for Memory:
This might be getting a bit abstract, and maybe too complex for a small
picture, but I kind of like the fishing picture with an addition - the
outline of an elephant around it.

For Cryoburn, I'm still thinking in terms of the sphinx.... What about
putting Egyptian-like pyramids behind the sphinx? That brings in death-like
imagery. (If the picture were allowed to be complex, I'd put some people
with a cryochamber going into the pyramid, but that's surely too much

LMB:  Ron came up with boffo images for Memory and CryoBurn, so we're 
set there.  I was about to say, simple but effective, but it's more, 
simple and therefore effective.

Ron used the idea of Rish's arm holding up the gold coin for CVA, and 
it, too, looks really good, so I think we're set there as well.

A whole bunch of your ideas have proved useful, either directly or for 
triggering something; thank you all so much!  I'll leave the fun of 
figuring out what went where to the big cover reveal in due course.

We have a rather nice butterbug-and-flowers for ACC; I wasn't too sure 
of it, but we tried a couple of other designs and they haven't knocked 
out this first one, so it may yet stick.

So Ron's part of this is almost done, 17 images (and some spares.) _I_ 
still have ten more e-book files to proofread, which is going to take 
some time.  Going over the 2011 files, which are the ones currently up 
for e-sale, it quickly became apparent that they needed one more 
tidy-up, and that it wasn't a task I could delegate.

We'll probably place the new editions piecemeal as I finish the files, 
but that gives me 17 easy blog posts, anyway.

More as it becomes ready for public consumption...

Ta, L.  Who now should be proofreading _Brothers in Arms_.

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