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Sun Sep 13 00:11:59 BST 2015

Thank you for the gorgeous cake :) :) 

Even smaller dog really enjoyed it as he is a little miffed we did not
bring home any steak when we went out for tea :) :) 

It has been a fraught week. My sister and her husband flew over from
UK to join us for this birthday, he had been complaining that he
couldn't hear properly so we despatched him to the pharmacy the next
day. The pharmacist was sure it was just wax but sent him to see a
doctor just to be sure. While with the doctor he also mentioned that
he had damaged his leg a few days before the flight but that he had
been cleared to fly. 

The doctor took one look and ordered him to rest with his leg raised.
He was not allowed to fly on to Cairns and it is in doubt as to
whether he will be allowed to fly to Canberra on Tuesday. He does have
type B diabetes although it is controlled by diet.The doctor said the
leg was ulcerated and it could progress to cellulitis if he wasn't

So, they moved out to a hotel to get a really large sized bed - he is
very overweight and our bed was too small for him with the leg so they
have spent most of their time over here in a hotel room   - and not
even by the sea as it is the school holidays and all the rooms have
been booked up or the doctors surgery as they have had to go back
every day to have his dressing changed etc.. We have been able to go
out for meals but we can't go anywhere that means walking. We are just
keeping our fingers crossed that he will be OK to fly back to UK on
the 24th. 

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