[LMB] CoC Chapter 27 -- Shakespeare -- Sonnet 130[1]

Elizabeth Stowe estowe427 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 12:51:03 BST 2015

> Interestingly enough, the Daughter answers his question, by telling him to
> think it through. She can?t stop being a teacher.
> --
Jennifer: I LOVE that Caz was totally wrong about marrying Iselle out of the
curse, but because he did what he did, he 'gets' to count an earlier
death as part of the three. He died (spiritually) for Bergon too.

I also love that its not something that can be done by rote. It's too
bad that the Mother wasn't able to communicate more clearly with Ista.

es: In all fairness to the Mother, Ista knew that if she opened herself to the Mother at that moment, the Mother would respond. She was unable to do so, which added to her guilt of course. (I'm trying to be fair. Yet I think the Mother was giving an advance placement test to a ninth grader. Perhaps She wasn't ready for the speed of events.)

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