[LMB] OT: FIC: Honor Among Thieves, The Temple of Sakuyo

John Lennard john.c.lennard at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 13:03:20 BST 2015

As it's been mentioned on list previously, and the List has plenty of
(anti-)Weberians, I'll mention that I've now finished revising, and am
posting, my alternative Honorverse novel, which Wraps The Whole Damn Thing
Up, with BBQ sauce.

It can be found on my LJ (currently starting seven posts below the map), on
FFN, and on AO3. The prologue and chs 1-2 are already up, and I shall be
updating on Fridays over the next month or so.




And if anyone here was a reader of my Tortallan fic *Lady Knight Volant*,
it now has a shorter, funnier, sequel, *The Temple of Sakuyo*, also on my
LJ (use the tag Keladry of Mindelan) and at:



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