[LMB] late-series copy-editing/copyediting/copy editing, was Character Study: Gregor - Job dissatisfaction

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Sun Sep 13 14:52:23 BST 2015

Anthony writes:

That passage came across as having layers of Cordelia and Aral having been
reticent about their adventures due to secrets that had to remain buried and
their own natural modesty, the official Barrayaran histories (from which
Miles probably got most of what he knew) perhaps having spun things
differently as politically required, Miles romanticizing it in his own mind,
and his noted ability to create swathes of fiction customized to his
listener almost as fast as his mouth can move.  Which parts of all that
could have been responsible for each detail can scarcely be guessed.  .....
Please don't change a word of it.


I agree. Miles is an unreliable narrator for many many reasons:)


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