[LMB] late-series copy-editing/copyediting/copy editing, was Character Study: Gregor - Job dissatisfaction

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I often fail to appreciate the "improvements" made to stories in the 
revisions done by authors revising them to "modern" standards, and/or 
tweaking things for retconning.   I was not thrilled with the sample of an 
expanded story which went from one epublisher to one which publishes longer 
stories, I liked the as-published by the original publisher section, better.

The writer may be a more polished writer years/decades later, but that is 
not necessarily what the -readers- read the material for.  And especially, 
if the writer has gone off in directions the readers not happy about, 
revising the older work to reflect those directions is a detraction. 
(Hypothetical example-writers who have had their work get progressively 
deeper into BDSM especially male dom, female sub, rewriting earlier SF/F 
with heavy romance content, to amplify any BDSM or add it if it were not 
there originally, particularly in the male dom, female sub variety... I 
would be very unappreciative.

50 Shades of Gray 
is a manifestation of the commercialization and sales of BDSM content stuff, 
but it doesn;t mean -I- am appreciative.  (I did not get one page into 
looking at 50 Shades, regardless of anything else, present tense prose 
narration in fiction, or even travelogues which the travel is -past-, is a 
near-certainty of irritating me to "I am NOT going to bother reading this!" 
levels. )

Oh, less hypothetical example--Laurell K. Hamilton lost a share of her 
original audience, though has kept the gained audience, with the level of 
explicit sex and the the level of kinky sex her writing went into.   The 
paranormal mystery readers who wanted Anita Blake focused on detective work 
solving paranormal murders, and who found/find Explicit and particulary 
Kinky Explici Sex Relationship Stuff tedious/objectionable, mourn the change 
and mostly stopped reading/buying.

--Paula Lieberman
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Character Study: Gregor - Job dissatisfaction

On Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 05:07:42PM -0400, Matthew George wrote:
> I vote for leaving the texts as they are, because the authorial voice
> changes over time (not the same thing as improving, note, although that is
> often parallel), and this simulates Miles' perspective altering.
> Also, it makes it a terrible pain for people studying how your writing
> style altered with time and experience if you go back and revise all the
> early evidence into late-Bujoldian.
> Matt "I'll never forgive Diane Duane" G.

But just think of all the literary theses that can be written
on the text-studies of multiple editions, especially once
comparator software becomes available ;)

Tony Z

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