[LMB] copyedit con't

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 17 04:59:40 BST 2015

I'll admit there are some punctuation errors that drive me crazy, but 
I'm a grammar and punctuationnazi.  (And it's different when I break
the rules because I KNOW I'm breaking a rule, and I'm doing it on 
purpose for a good reason...)

But I think the most important goal is to be consistent. So it can be
a wrist-com or a wrist com or a wristcom, but it has to be the same 
one, every time.  Besides, it's your world and your word, so it's correct
 however you choose to spell it.  

And don't get bogged down in it all and let it get to you. There has to
be at least one error slip through the net, just to please those whiny
types who have to find something to complain about. Look, choose, 
decide, let the computer do the work, and move on. Moving on to a
nice cup of coffee or margarita and a relaxing time sipping, in the 
sunshine, would be the best bet. 

Your books, your world, your words, and bad cess to anyone who 
doesn't like it!

Gwynne (Stroppy? Me? Ha - This is me in a GOOD mood.)

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