[LMB] late-series copy-editing/copyediting/copy editing

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Thu Sep 17 19:06:46 BST 2015

[LMB] late-series copy-editing/copyediting/copy editing
Roberta Wright ravenenterprises at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 16:06:47 BST 2015

 >> > On Sep 16, 2015, at 4:43 PM, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk>
 >> wrote:
 >> >
 >> >> LMB:  This is apparently not the case anymore (not to be confused 
 >> >> any more.)  So, "Mr. President?" said the reporter, but, "The 
 >> >> of the United States entered the room."
 >> >
 >> > That's my understanding too- if it's referring to a particular 
 >> > it's "General Smith".  But you'd say: "The general sat at his desk."
 >> LMB:  The trouble with that is, in the context of a story, the 
general (or
 >> admiral) sitting at his desk _is_ a particular individual...  ("Direct
 >> address" seems to go wrong less, as a way of thinking about it.)
 >> The alternative to having one rule and sticking to it, even if the 
 >> seem off, is to have a nervous breakdown over every damn sentence/word
 >> occurrence when trying to aesthetically judge if it's In or Out.  In 
 >> where the occurrences number in the hundreds, this is a problem.  
And I'm
 >> quickly running out of books to edit where it's not an issue because the
 >> instances don't arise much, sigh.
 >> this link:
looks at the question of capitalization. interestingly, it shows that the
expert guides cant even agree on what is correct.

LMB:  Aargh!  (whimper...)

Ta, L.  (Also, thanks for the link, but still... argh.)

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