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> > The reason there will never be a phonetic spelling of English is that there
> > will never be a consensus of what English sounds like.
> Agreed.    And that’s not counting imported words - like “pizza” and “mesa”.   Or names - although the English tried to Anglicize "Quixote”.
> --
 And the arguments when a newscaster tries to pronounce Spanish names correctly and is called down for pretentiousness or for "not speaking English." But then, town and city names from the foreign are an endless source of amusement. Have any of you ever been to MAA-Drid? (Cute little ex-ghost-town in the mountains north of Albuquerque.) 

But generations of Sesame Street watchers learned how to pronounce the name of the Knight of La Mancha because of the long-eared character on one of those shows called "Donkey HOH-tay."

Isn't language assimilation a hoot?

P.S. It's PEET-zah and MAY-sah for those who speak a different language/dialect/version of the One True English language. ARE there any variations on those two? 

Pat, called Pah-TREE-sha, Puh-TRISH-ah, and Pa-tree-cee-ia, depending on the region of the speaker! 

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