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>>> And the arguments when a newscaster tries to pronounce Spanish names 
>>> correctly and is called down for pretentiousness or for "not speaking 
>>> English." But then, town and city names from the foreign are an 
>>> endless source of amusement. Have any of you ever been to MAA-Drid? 
>>> (Cute little ex-ghost-town in the mountains north of Albuquerque.)
>> Is the first vowel in "Madrid" (NM) the one from CAT or the one from 
>> CANE? Hereabouts, (the St. Louis area), New Madrid's name features the 
>> CAT-vowel.
> As in CAT. That good old Anglo-Saxon AE sound as in AElfred. 

The New Madrid (fault zone in the middle of the lower 48 which changed the course of the Mississippi in the set of four major quakes on it, December 1811-February 1812,  is pronounced that way as well. Madrid Spain is pronounced MAH-drid. It has not had any major quakes in over 500 years; Lisbon Portugal was hit 1st November (All Souls Day, when many were at Mass in the six major Cathedrals) 1755. 40 minutes later, a terrible tsunami that even reached the UK, and went up the Spanish Guadalqivir River quite a ways. For more information on the damage, if you’re a history or tectonics geek, see http://www.sms-tsunami-warning.com/pages/tsunami-portugal-1755#.VfxZRLQ-DdQ <http://www.sms-tsunami-warning.com/pages/tsunami-portugal-1755#.VfxZRLQ-DdQ>

Salina KS is Sah LINE ah, Salinas CA is Sah LEE nahs, the Spanish pronunciation. There are other US cities with different pronunciations that the places after which they were named, too.

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