[LMB] Birthday Tixie

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 07:21:59 BST 2015

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Marty Adkins, the spouse of our dear Jerrie 
of the amusing links and filks.

Fifty-two years on our planet means a lot of wake-ups. I mean A LOT of wake-ups. 
Some pleasant and warm, full of sunshine and nuzzles, and some like scratching 
one's way out of a deep, black pit. Today's cake augments the sunshine and 
nuzzles, and makes the other kind of wake-up a bit more bearable. It's Louise 
VorReed's Coffee Crunch Cake. 

And you may think, as I did when I saw the label, that this is a bland little 
American-style coffee cake -- made for eating with coffee. But no, Roknarica 
Coffee Beans make the Victorian sponge into something like none of us have ever 
tasted before. It's topped with a nutty meringue (yay! hydroponics!) and it's 
just what Miles likes on a Saturday morning at home. 

I wave the tixie wand, and the air is filled with the happy sounds of folky 
filking, the lyrics wishing Marty a very happy birthday and a rather earthy 
evening of delights. (Because everyone knows a proper folk song should be both 
earthy and ethereal.) The singing bread knife joins in perfect harmony, and we 
all enjoy a slice of cake (ake-ake-ake). Happy Birthday, Marty!

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