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Margaret Devere <margaret at devere.net>wrote:
> > - Is this a little domineering with respect to Bergon? Thank goodness it
> > doesn't set his back up. I hope Iselle will learn to be a little more
> > observant of Bergon's equal status. We know that she means to -- but she
> > needs a little practice.

> And yes, I agree it's a bit domineering... But he's probably just as
> grateful and just as aware about the political benefits of the action. I
> expect he quickly saw just how good an idea this was (again, both from
> piety and from awareness of how the tale of their action will look to the
> people they'll be ruling over).

I got the impression that Iselle and Bergon had already discussed it and 
were in agreement. They seem to be in harmony about it all.

> > Q4: Has Archdivine Mendenal taken sides before, or resisted dy Jironal? He
> > knows from Umegat that something is going on with Caz, but why would he
> > assume that dy Jironal is to be thwarted? Or is he willing to go along with
> > what Sara wants here? In general, I would assume that administrators would
> > uphold order and proper procedures.

> Consider that dy Jironal's actions are how Dondo came to be Holy General of
> the Daughter's Order. And consider how determined the various lord dedicats
> were to ensure that they would get a better leader next time... I think
> Mendenal is too smart to openly oppose dy Jironal, but he's had as much of
> him as he can take.
> Also, I expect Umegat had been helping him out. Not sure how much was said
> before the menagerie disaster, but I bet it wasn't a single short
> conversation.

A saint was sent to perform miracles to help Orico - a clear sign of godly support, 
so the Temple is fully committed to Orico.  And then a supersaint was sent to 
protect Iselle.  It became clear that dy Jironel wasn't working for the Royacy, 
but to replace or control it. So Mendenal was trying to follow the gods' directions, 
by opposing dy Jironel, and supporting Iselle.

> Q5: How is the Bastard's Hell different from being taken up by the Bastard?

> > While I'm at it, what is the experience of being taken up? Individuality
> > maintained or merged into a greater consciousness? Both somehow? Has CoC
> > addressed this? If it did, I missed it.

> It would seem that the Bastard's Hell is instant and complete destruction.
> Popular imagination might see eternal torment, but the reality is a very
> efficient soul-material-recycling system.
I've wondered about this - why does it matter which god takes the soul? Well, 
it matters to the Temple. Why do different gods take particular souls? They're
more in tune with one god than another. But why is it relevant, unless there's 
some afterlifely linking of souls. Or they merge into the whole. Or ... ?


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