[LMB] OT: breaking rules Wrede works

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Aral was an Imperial Heir and a crony of the Emperor, it wan't his 
Vorkosigan status, it was being in the royal family  and a crony of the 
Emperor'swhich kept him in the military.... Aral had already contributed 
majorly to getting rid of an unacceptable Emperor, and refused to take the 
throne himself, preferring Ezar have it--the textev is that Ezar apparently 
couldn't convince Aral to accept the position, when he was appealing to Aral 
and Cordelia for Aral to serve as Regent, by saying that Aral was the only 
person with a better claim to the throne than Gregor.

--Paula Lieberman
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> This sounds to me like how the martial arts concept of shuhari was
> explained to me in a training seminar recently:
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shuhari
> Loosely translated as obey, detach, transcend : only after you are able to
> obey the rules can you detach from them and transcend them.

> ObBujold : Miles's problem was that he tried to skip directly to phase 3. 
> :)

When you look at it all, Miles's parents weren't famous for obedience 

Aral was famously bolshie as a young officer - spouting all the rebellious 
that nobody else dared to say. Ezar also noted that Aral would say what he
thought rather than defer to the Emperor. Aral's career lurched downwards
quite often, when he pushed too hard, it was only his Vorkosigan status that
saved him several times over.

Cordelia kicked her planetary president in the evening news, half-drowned
a therapist sent to her by the military, deserted from a whole planet, and
spectacularly disobeyed Aral when she dropped in on Vordarian for afternoon
tea. Like Aral, she also said whatever she thought without fear or favour, 
didn't take much note of Imperial power or status.

And then they have the gall to complain that Miles has a slight tendency to
overlook superior rank when dealing with other officers. 

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