[LMB] need a few volunteer proofreaders

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Sep 20 14:05:14 BST 2015

As I slog my way through the proofreading of my 2011 e-files for the VK 
new-cover reissues, I realize I could surely use a few volunteer 
proofreaders for the new files, before they go in to the person who 
assembles and puts them up on the e-vendors for me.  I have rid the 
files of a small host of old errors and micro-issues, but don't know, 
and haven't the endurance to read each One More Time to see, if I have 
inadvertently introduced new ones.  (Or missed any old ones.)

I need people who have done proofreading before, familiar with 
punctuation and capitalization and hyphenation and formatting issues 
(and spelling and so on.)  All will be standardized, mostly, to American 
usage, so Americans are likely preferred.  The only reward I can offer 
is you would get to keep the file (but not let it escape into the wild.)

I figure to distributes the files, so as not to unduly burden any one 
person.  I don't need a stampede, as I have only finished half a dozen 
(or, half-a-dozen, a half dozen, a half-dozen) files so far, and the 
rest aren't going to go any faster for me.  Anyway, if you are 
qualified, interested, and the task would seem fun and not disruptive 
for you, contact me off-list.

Ta, Lois.

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