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Sun Sep 20 17:46:12 BST 2015

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On Sep 19, 2015, at 23:11, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:

>> From: adkinslawfirm at mindspring.com
>> Marc Wilson, shrewd discerner of decor, confides:
>> "My house generally looks inexpertly burgled."
>> Dear Marc, 
>> Thank you twice: once, for the laugh (more of a smothered splort, really) and twice, for correctly using the perfectly sufficient word, burgled.
>> Jerrie, for whom the abomination "burglarized" is a particular pet peeve
> I will second that with enthusiasm. First, I must share the same interior
> decorator as Marc. And second, I constructed a wonderful rant this week
> about 'burglarized' (a non-word)  being used instead of 'burgled'.  I'm so 
> glad to know that we have the same pets!
> Gwynne  (A burglar burgles. Simple.)

I am annoyed by the expansion of the meaning of burgle. I believe that the proper definition is to break and enter. Many people extend that to include theft, which is properly a separate crime.


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