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> Wait -- hasn't anybody mentioned the possibility that it -- "Hissy 
> Fits" --
refers to hysterical fits?  I first heard it as a child talking about a
younger sibling having such, and that's always been my interpretation.
Nothing to do with hiss.


Draft additions December 2002
Also 19– hissie, hussy, huzzy.
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   [Perhaps influenced by hysteric n.] = hissy fit n. at Additions.
1934   Amer. Speech 9 71   Hissy is probably provincial slang. I have heard 
it for eight or ten years. He threw a hissy or He had a hissy means that a 
person in question was very disturbed and very angry.
1949   Publ. Amer. Dial. Soc. xi. 7   She had a hissy when I told her she 
couldn't go.
1973   N.Y. Times 13 July 25,   I wasn't all that keen about him riding 
bulls, but he could do a good job so I never throwed a hissy about it.
1992   C. McCarthy All Pretty Horses (1993) i. 72   Rawlins will pitch a 
pure hissy when he sees you, he said.

Draft additions December 2002
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  hissy fit  n. chiefly U.S. a fit of temper, an angry outburst, a tantrum.
1967   in Dict. Amer. Regional Eng. (1991) II. 1021/2   Pitched a hissy-fit.
1978   A. Maupin Tales of City 5   When I told my mom I was moving to San 
Francisco, she had an absolute hissy-fit!
1981   F. Flagg Coming Attractions 21   Momma always looks like she is on 
the verge of a hissy fit, but that's mainly because when she was eighteen, 
she stuck her head in a gas oven looking at some biscuits and blew her 
eyebrows off.
1999   Courier-Mail (Brisbane) 22 Nov. 24/8   Elton John threw a hissy fit 
at Winnipeg Airport, Canada, after customs officers took almost two hours to 
clear his five-person entourage.

No obvious connection with hiss

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