[LMB] caps, again

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 22:35:06 BST 2015

If you're referring to the generic position, then emperor doesn't need to
be capitalized.  If to the specific person, or the specific office, it does.

If Miles is looking right at Gregor, then he's not looking at just 'an'
emperor, he's looking at 'the' Emperor.  It's the difference between
talking about the challenges emperors face, and the challenges Emperors
face.  The former could apply to any and all emperors across time, while
the latter refers to a specific subset of people with that particular
title, presumably Barrayaran Emperors in this context.

Similarly, if you're talking about districts in general for some reason,
they shouldn't be capitalized.  If you're referring to the zones that
Barrayar has in particular, even as a mass, they're capitalized, because
you've established that they are individually.  It's the Vorkosigan
District because that phrase is its name, not merely a descriptor.  If it
had some other name, like Vorkosiganistan, it would be the Vorkosigan's
district with a little d.  So Barrayar has sixty districts, which are
called Districts.  If for some reason they had been named Zones the planet
would have sixty districts which are called Zones.

Matt G.

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