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The only time I can recall seeig "the pope" rather than "the Pope" has been 
when referring to the office generically rather than to the/a person 
occupying the position.

E.g., "here was the time of three popes.'  Hmm, that might also be "there 
was the time of three Popes."


--Paula Lieberman
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My revision queue is now hung up on the final question of how I am going
to do capitalizations of such terms as E/emperor, C/count, and
D/district.  (The two books where I could still duck the decision are
now done and up.)  Also, while I'm at it, A/admiral.

(D/district should follow the rules for US S/states, I figure. Anyone
know those offhand?)

Standard rules are fine on edge cases, useless for the muddle in the
middle which, in some of my books, are the majority of the instances.

Just any old emperor or count, small-e, fine, not problem.  Direct
address, also fine, as, Emperor Gregor entered the room, or "Thank you,
Count," said Illyan.  (Ditto for military ranks, as "Thank you,
Captain," etc.)

But then we come to such instances as  -- Miles stared at the E/emperor
in dismay.  "Gregor, what are you doing here?"

The choice is ultimately aesthetic (or one of exhaustion and despair.)
I do find excessive caps to be a visual clutter on the page; I suspect
the lower-case passes less obtrusively to most eyes.  Some modern usage
wants to lower-case nearly everything, which at least is consistent.

I've been drifting away from upper to lower case throughout my
career/this series.  The last two books, CVA and GJ&RQ, both adhere to
the modern system, which may answer my own question right there, and
they seem to read smoothly enough.  Anyway, no one has noticed so as to
say anything about it to me.  (Oddly, "C/count", when referring to Aral,
seems to be a more stubborn shift.)  Eh.

As Obi-wan says, I don't think you boys can help me with this one. But
there it sits.

Back to proofing _Komarr_ while this churns around.

Ta, L.
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