[LMB] FIC: New Chalion Fan Fiction Posted (Jason Long)

Stewart Dean sdean at sdean.net
Thu Sep 24 14:22:06 BST 2015

Much in the inner spirit of the Chalion works.  Well done.

And to digress:
I stumbled into Lois' work at the beginning with scifi and Shards...I had started out in scifi 55 years in the local Carnegie library in my summer childhood, but as I aged I found myself increasingly spoken to by fantasy.  I had delight in the Spirit Ring as a maiden voyage there and then nothing....until Chalion, which is certainly one of the most powerfully self-possessed and spiritually informed works of fantasy ever.
In my young adulthood, I stumbled (funny how that watersheds of life happen that way...and Lois speaks of it so clearly) in kundalini yoga and a master named Rudi who was pretty much a saint just as they are portrayed by Lois: cranky, abstracted and filling the air  around them with lightning bolts...while having immense (and often pitiless) compassion for the blindness and delusion of those who 'stumbled' into contact with him.
So much of what Lois writes of the inner compass and world in Chalion is Just That Way.  One of the things that has come clear over a life of spiritual (sometimes unwilling) attention and (sometimes grudging) advertance (thank you Lee and Miller for that word) is that the world and its culture are fixated on answers and creeds, whereas a growing clarity and awareness needs only that attention and inner advertance.  That perfection and rightness and "answers" and yes, even creeds, take you further away, not closer.  As a country family friend once said to me forcefully and with love, "Stewart, be/still/".
So it is that when I read Lois' fantasy, I find myself saying, again and again, Yes, Yes!, Just like that!  I don't know where Lois acquired her sight and her words, but they so often speak unerring of inner realities.

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> I've posted a new fan fiction story called "Redemption".

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