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Fri Sep 25 15:09:44 BST 2015

I never thought of it that way, more as a fact of ladies undergarments 
tending to be pretty and lacy compared to tidy whities or boxers [though 
Rob does have some lovely slate blue silk boxers, yum] Though it is a 
diminuative of 'pantlettes' IMHO.

But everybody gets to have their own opinions. I don't understand why 
men find thongs so sexy - stupid butt floss that they are. If they are 
nylon lace based, the lace is hard and scratchy and seriously 
uncomfortable, to get comfortable materials you tend to have to spend a 
fair amount of money and it can be a serious investment in lingerie that 
most women are not able to make [I had a thong/camisole set for my first 
wedding that cost my first husband almost $250. I about had a cow over 
the cost. I am not an expensive lingerie sort of girl. Now a new Sig 
Sauer, then we are talking =) ]

On 9/25/2015 7:08 AM, Marc Wilson wrote:
> <rant> Digression: I do loathe the word "panties". Horrid, horrid 
> diminutive - suggesting that female underclothing is somehow less 
> *important*. It goes along with "don't worry your pretty little head 
> about it", pink ballpoint pens, and mansplaining. Condescending, 
> dismissive, demeaning. Ugh. </rant>

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