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I am very sure that I confuse people. I wear Reebok combat boots, a 
Soviet era mechanical Soviet military watch on a hand woven paracord 
band, carry a sidearm [legally, I have a CCL for my state] and probably 
seem very masculine to the point of being considered a lesbian but while 
I have been known to go both ways in my past I am currently dedicated 
hetero [ok, 2 men, but love doesn't subtract but adds IMHO.]

My clothing choices are actually very logical - the boots have composite 
toes which protect my feet from being knocked about and have plenty of 
space so my feet are not cramped [preventing my chondrocalcinosis from 
stress flaring], my bodies electrical system tends to screw up 
nonmechanical watches, and the paracord is because I don't like leather, 
metal or plastic bands because they make my wrist sweat. Rob got my 
watch in Bremerhaven by trading with a Soviet sailor so it is also a 
souvenir of one of his cruises. The sidearm is because I spent the vast 
majority of my time here in CT with a stalker from my past. And I like 
mens clothing because it tends to be made of sturdier material and the 
styles don't tend to change as frequently as womens clothing does - I am 
frugal to the point of being cheap, better to spend $50 on a mans 
garment that will last me for 10 years than $10 per year for the same 10 
years on 5 new a la mode womens garments.

On 9/25/2015 10:18 AM, Howard Brazee wrote:
> In general, what people find as sexy are characteristics that belong 
> to the desired sex that aren’t common elsewhere.

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