[LMB] Language, cultures, & diminutives

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
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Ah, but they don't--the lesserly competent world builders default to what 
they see every day, the better worldbuilders build cultures where the 
cultures and values of the determine clothing, speech patterns, etc.

Debra Doyle and Jim Macdonald in Price of the Stars, had Beka masquerading 
as male with her hair in a long queue--the society men could and did have 
long hair, and she was successfully masequerading as male.

Lois from the get-go showed cultural clashes with the differences with 
Barrayar having gender-determinate clothing types, and Beta being much more 
unisex in clothing styles.

--Paula Lieberman

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[snip]  Sometimes I wonder why alien worlds have women with long hair and 
dresses and men with short hair and trousers.

Of course, worlds don’t have to be *that* alien.    We just got done reading 
a novel in an alien world which is a variation of our Spain.    That is an 
anchor to the culture there - even if the language we read is (mostly) 
English.    With that anchor, I have a starting image.

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