[LMB] COC: Chapter 28

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> > From: "Margaret Devere" <margaret at devere.net>
> Caz has lived with it long enough that it's just matter-of-fact to him. If
> the
> judge wasn't there to confirm it, they'd call him insane - sanity is a
> very fragile thing, in some situations.

Just remember poor Ista. Was there a (petty) saint in the capital, to say
she was god-touched and not insane?  Cazaril, who once wanted - remember?-
nothing more than a warm place by the fire, might have ended up in a worse
place than Mad Ista.

The gods use their tools hard. Maxim: Never trust a craftsman that leaves
his tools to rust. Therefore: I don't trust the gods.

>   Yet he held on, he tried, he served out his time ... He suffered more
> than most.

yes. Poor Orico, and Poor Sara, who married into the curse. Did they even
tell her about it, the way no one told Ista until she was half mad? (And
when did Orico find out?)

>   And yet she
> still sat by her dead husband for a day, to ensure that Iselle's claim was
> safe. Brave and heroic - I hope she has a wonderful time on her estate, and
> maybe later finds joys to fill her life.
> Yes, I hope so too.


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