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Fri Sep 25 17:46:48 BST 2015

> And I like mens clothing because it tends to be made of sturdier material 
> and the
styles don't tend to change as frequently as womens clothing does - I am
frugal to the point of being cheap, better to spend $50 on a mans
garment that will last me for 10 years than $10 per year for the same 10
years on 5 new a la mode womens garments.

I like men's trousers because they actually *fit* me better than women's 
trousers do.  Men's clothing above the waist is pretty hopeless given my 
build, but women's trousers have two problems for me:

1)  If I buy petites the rise fits but I look like I'm waiting for a flood, 
and if I buy misses, they're almost long enough (but not quite) in the 
inseam but I need a necklace for a belt.

2) If I buy them big enough in the waist I look like I'm wearing a balloon 
at my hips, and if I buy them to fit through the hips, I can't fasten them 
at the waist.

Neither of these problems are fixed easily by alterations.  Besides, 
alterations are expensive.  I'm a quilter, not a seamstress (nor do I wish 
to learn).

I have neither of these problems with men's trousers, which you can actually 
buy by the waist/inseam you need, have a rise of an appropriate length 
compared to the inseam, and the hips aren't humungus compared to the waist.

If only men's trousers weren't so *boring*.  Oh, and came in styles I could 
wear as part of a dressy outfit as a woman.


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