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> When we discussed The Hallowed Hunt, a meaning for the story came up. I think it was tied to keeping the faith which a true Hallowed King would do for his people. Fidelity seemed to me to be incredibly important in that story as it would be to the Son of Autumn.
> Is there a message with which one is imbued by the time one finishes reading Curse of Chalion? Is it tied to the Daughter of Spring?
> Similarly, is there something by the end of Paladin of Souls that echoes with the reader as she lays the book down when finished? Does it fit with the Bastard?

Interesting question.

Caz keeps teaching Iselle to think. Think ahead, think of the possible
consequences of your actions. Think to solve problems.

Caz, in his actions, stays true. Gives all to his chosen cause. Walks the
path he's on, doing his best. Treats others with kindness and respect.
Bergon was struck by Caz's kindness and integrity, under terrible
conditions. Caz tells him:
may be horrible or inescapable. Men have always a choice—if not whether, then
how, they may endure."

Umegat talks about doing the task you're given. Enduring because you
are still needed in the world, you still have important roles to play. 
Enjoying all the gifts you've been given and making the most of all you have.

One of the important themes seems to be that we can choose how we
deal with events in our lives. And that the important thing is to keep going, 
do the job we're given, see it through.

That's a common theme in most of Lois's work. 



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