[LMB] cover reveal -- Brothers in Arms

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sat Sep 26 14:11:47 BST 2015

[LMB] cover reveal -- Brothers in Arms
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Sat Sep 26 06:25:08 BST 2015

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 > Ta, L.

Megaera: The only real problem I'm seeing with this one is that it's 
pretty much
common wisdom (from all the reading I've done on the subject re: my own
covers) not to use a white background without a border, because the book
"bleeds" onto white web pages (like Amazon's and most other online
retailers), and basically vanishes, especially as a thumbnail.

Apparently I'm the only listee who doesn't care much for these covers in
general, too <wry g>.

LMB:  You are right about the thumbnails, but on the book's main page 
the cover seems to have acquired a faint gray nimbus, which helps define 
it.  Shall think about this.

I expect the same proportion of people will like/dislike the new covers 
as like/dislike any other covers I've had.  My main goal is to not have 
my books sent off like Cinderella to the ball dressed in a clown suit, 
with clown shoes.

Note I do think I have had some good cover art in the past, from time to 
time.  (Frequently spoiled by bad design, but oh well.) It's just a mess 
of succeeding styles, though, and the good stuff gets lost in the shuffle.

Anyway, keep in mind that these e-covers need to be compared not to some 
Platonic ideal of a cover, but to what they had before, which was pretty 
utilitarian (albeit free.)

Ta, L.

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