[LMB] Lagging edges, was M/F LMB Readership

Paula Lieberman paal at filker.org
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I don't know if any of the six New England states have a Red Lobster, it 
doesn;t really seem likely than any of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, 
Connecticut, or maybe even Vermont, which is the only one without oceanfront 
shoreline, has any, either.

Even if national advertising or all-stations-in-some-group advertising 
packages are not outright less expensive, they're less expensive in terms of 
research time and in time and effort spent negotiating contracts, with large 
groups, versus individual station and market area.

On the other hand, political ads gets targeted very specifically.... there 
are "national" campaigns which I am not seeing ads for--I suspect there are 
lots of ads in -other- markets, and the campaigns for specific individuals, 
are deliberately not bothering to promote in this market, at the current 
time  (if I got more specific I might his the US politics ban... I['m 
probably skirting at the edge of thin ice as it is)

Hmm, another advertiser with no restaurants in the region is Red Robin... on 
the other hand the local supermarkets did start carrying frozen Red Robin 
food relatively recently.

But the stuff which get really infuriating, are situations where stores stop 
carrying snow shovels before the end of January, when the snow season goes 
on throw March and occasionally there is even a large snowstorm in early 
April, when in the middle of the summer all the bathing suits are long gone, 
etc.  Supply channels which source stuff from China with lead times of six 
months, make "responsiveness" not even a bad joke

And you thought travel across the Nexus was inconvenient and full of 

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Sep 26, 2015, at 09:24, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> (That is, there are NO Red Lobster restaurants in Massachusetts--yet, the 
> Boston TV stations have Red Lobster ads on them--the conglomerate owner 
> buys the advertising nationally, and it goes on the network feed, even 
> though there is no revenue whatsoever from within Massachusetts, millins 
> of people see the ads, for a product few people are going to bother 
> driving however many hours out of state to patronize (want a fresh lobster 
> dinner here? Go to a supermarket and have the seafood department associate 
> pull a lobster out of the tank and cook it in the steam oven, or go to a 
> seafood restaurant.... why bother going to a place which doesn't tend to 
> use locally-sourced fish??!)

But the national rate for advertising may be cheaper than excluding a state,
where belike you would have to pay the rate for the other 49 states or 47
states as may be. 

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