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Local stores?
They try to not have "excess inventory" either, when/where there are "local 

"Down in the cellar" -- modern facilities don't have cellars, they're slab 
concrete foundation buildings.
"Back room" --storage space is at a premium in stores.  Space not devoted to 
shelved merchandise, is space that merchandise is not selling from... 
there's a reasons one of the retail metrics is "sales per square [foot in 
the USA, meter I presume in most of the rest of the world]"

ObBujold--have there been scenes in Lois' book where the viewpoint character 
is someone who's a retail workers?

Dag's a Patroller, Fawn's straight off the farm when she runs into Dag. 
Other characters who are major, include Fawn's siblings, riverboat crew, 
other Patrollers, etc.

The 4G5G world major characters include nobles, royals, hunters.. no 
shopkeepers that I recall.

The Nexus, major characters include extended royal family members, space 
service/military members particularly officiers, space militia/mercenaries, 
the odd scientist or engineer,  some political leaders, government 
functionaries and their families, m/i/n/i/o/n/s those economically and/or 
socially directly dependent upon them (armsmen, cooks, etc.) antagonists, 
and those they work with as coworkers, subordinates, or superiors.

Shopkeepers appear that I can recall primarily when leads/main characters go 
out shopping...

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Sep 26, 2015, at 22:23, Paula Lieberman <paal at filker.org> wrote:
> I don't know if any of the six New England states have a Red Lobster, it 
> doesn;t really seem likely than any of Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, 
> Connecticut, or maybe even Vermont, which is the only one without 
> oceanfront shoreline, has any, either.
Connecticut is the only New England State that has Red Lobster restaurants. 
Probably because it is adjacent to New York.
> But the stuff which get really infuriating, are situations where stores 
> stop carrying snow shovels before the end of January, when the snow season 
> goes on throw March and occasionally there is even a large snowstorm in 
> early April, when in the middle of the summer all the bathing suits are 
> long gone, etc.  Supply channels which source stuff from China with lead 
> times of six months, make "responsiveness" not even a bad joke
> --Paula Lieberman

The problem here is that you are shopping national chains. They have what 
they consider to be limited store display space and large warehouses with 
regular trucks to and from the stores. It is relatively easy for them to 
ship off-season stuff back to the warehouse.

But try some of your local stores that do not have the luxury of a national 
network of warehouses. Off-season stuff goes down the cellar or into the 
back room. And they will usually dig it out for you if you ask nicely. 

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