[LMB] CoC: Wrapping up

Margaret Devere margaret at devere.net
Tue Sep 29 21:11:22 BST 2015

Hi all --


We have come to the end of the CoC group read. Thanks to everyone who
participated, and especially to those who led chapter discussions.


Elizabeth Stowe asked a parting question: "Is there a message with which one
is imbued by the time one finishes reading Curse of Chalion?"


And I thought I'd compile the responses for a finale:



It's never too late to make a new beginning.


Into your hands, O lords of light, I commend my soul.  Do what you must to
mend the world.  I am at your service.


You have to learn to be selfless, but you also have to take action because
the Gods can't do anything without you.


Think ahead, think of the possible consequences of your actions. Think to
solve problems.


We can choose how we deal with events in our lives. And that the important
thing is to keep going, do the job we're given, see it through.


Perseverance, tied to curiosity perhaps. Certainly Caz shows that with,
"Prayer is putting one foot in front of the other." (The quote is probably
not exact.)



On to GJ&RQ.



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