[LMB] The Birthday Tixie Drops the Wand

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 30 01:12:42 BST 2015

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I was in the kitchenette, having a cup of tea with 
Mieke, when she mentioned that her birthday had been on September 25th. I was 
horrified. I hadn't even been in the kitchenette since the 24th, and I was 
getting up the courage to see if there was a zombified birthday cake in the oven 
when suddenly, the Tardis appeared in the kitchenette, ripping out the overhead 
exhaust fan. 

Dr. Who had that let's-save-the-universe look on his face as he gestured us into 
the odd machine, but then he pushed us out on Friday. I opened the oven to find 
beautiful, delicate vanilla sponge decorated with orange jellies and a filigree 
of thready, crunchy melted sugar. 

"Everlasting Cake!" The kitchenette filled with listees, all congratulating Mieke 
on her 65th birthday, and taking a slice. Ah, Ma Kosti really is the best baker 
in all the universes! 

The kitchenette was so crowded that I could barely lift my arm to wave the Tixie 
Wand. A million sparkles filled the air, and settled on our skin with 
ticklish little zings. 

Dr. Who said something that sounded like, "Hey, lady, can I give you a ride back 
to the future?" I couldn't hear very well across the noisy room. Mieke took him 
up on his offer, and headed off for a lovely adventure in the time and dimension 
of her choice.

I, on the other hand, missed my ride, and was forced to spend the next five days 
inside the Chicago Manual of Style. I probably deserved it. 

So, happy belated birthday, Mieke, and we hope your whole month was filled with 
happiness and good reading!  

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