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"Sugardaddy" is a term used in relationshis of older, affluent man, with a 
very much younger woman, who is getting generally significant economic 
perks.  There is very definitely a dimensionality of the woman being 
pleasing to the Daddy and him exercising the control and power in the 
relationship and being a sort of parental figure...

It ties heavily into Patriarchy and patriarchal perks stuff, and female 
submissiveness and emotional manipulation.

On a different note, parents sometimes call one another "Mother" and 
"Father" etc. in front of the kids, no matter how old the kids are....

--Paula Lieberman
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> On Tue, 29 Sep 2015 10:20:20 -0600, Roberta Wright
> > In that usage, Daddy isn't a diminutive, it is and endearment.

> Nevertheless, "Daddy" is what *children* call their father.

It is in your culture, or family, it is. But obviously in the South it's 
also used
by adults, and if it's common and taken for granted by those who use it,
it doesn't have some of the connotations for them that it would carry for 

I wonder if there's any connection with 'Big Daddy' as a term for a
powerful man - similar to Godfather in some other cultures.


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