[LMB] proofing progress

Lois McMaster Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Wed Sep 30 16:31:54 BST 2015

So, I'm chugging slowly through the e-file of _Mirror Dance_, one of my 
longest books.  Turning up a dire and embarrassing number of errata, 
sigh.  And this has been for _sale_ for three years... Anyway, it should 
be ready to go out for its check-read in a day or two, so it needs a 
volunteer; in addition to basic proofing skills, perhaps a brisker 
reader due to the length.

I suspect my e-mails are not getting through to Jane Hotchkiss, though I 
am getting hers.  Check your spam trap and try again?

I took a break from this proofreading last weekend to... proofread, in 
this case the galleys for the upcoming  Subterranean Press print edition 
of "Penric's Demon".  They looked very pretty, book-design-wise.  
Publication sometime in 2016, looks like.  No word on the cover yet.

The capitalization and ellipses puzzles are still hanging fire.  I have 
reached the stage where _both_ choices look wrong to me, sigh...

Ta, L.

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