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> > As I've been pondering a re-read of the entire Vorkosigan saga, I've been
> > thinking about my favorite moments, favorite bits of dialogue, and I'm
> > discovering one of the things I love about the series is how sometimes only
> > one line is dialogue suggests an entire life story.

I have another one, that's a bit convoluted but it shows Barrayar so well.

In DI Miles sends Ekaterin off on a shopping trip with Bel:

"I'll call when I'm about finished. Maybe you can go shopping." He waved
them off, smiling. "Just don't haul home any severed heads." He glanced
up to find Venn and Greenlaw both staring at him in some dismay. "Ah - 
family joke," he explained weakly. The dismay did not abate.

Now most family jokes like that are along the lines of: 'Well, when I was a
kid Mum brought home a shopping bag and she'd bought some cabbages,
and I saw the shapes in the bag and my brother told me they were 
severed heads, and I believed him and had nightmares that night about it
so he got in trouble and....'

But in this case it's: 'Well my replicator was kidnapped by a rebel trying
to make himself Emperor and my father was leading the Imperial forces.
So my mother took a small insertion team and went through the enemy
lines into their headquarters. She beheaded the pretender and took his
head, and my replicator, back to my father's headquarters, where she 
rolled the head down the table during an important meeting and told 
them that the war was over...'


Another great 'Barrayar' moment is when Miles and Baz explain about
Count Vorlopoulos to the Betan at the tip. And it's a happy ending 
because he died fighting the Cetagandans so he didn't have to go back
to being executed. I just love the attitude of all three Barrayarans 
compared to that poor Betan.

A great Betan moment is when Miles is dealing with the Betan who 
lent him the money for his fleet. The man is being tied up and shoved
in a cupboard, with the money - but he breaks off his cries for help to
remind them about the interest. 

Some other great lines - just little things that catch my attention. In CVA
there's a moment when Ivan is heading for the shuttle to go on the fleet
inspection, running late, so he runs with the 'I'm late' run, not 'this building
is about to explode' run. I adore it that he grades that sort of body language!

Ok NO MORE. I'll end up rereading ALL the books. This is dangerous.

Gwynne (Not reading not reading not.. just this bit...)

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