[LMB] The Scenes In Between

Corrina Lawson corrinaannelawson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 00:34:34 BST 2016

> > There's another line in CH where Aral calls Kou "a clean-minded boy."
> > Hmm...so, others on the ship are not? Aral seems quite chummy with
> > Ariistede.
> I think it also shows Aral's protective attitude to his crew, and his view
> of them as being so desperately young (Cordelia calls them lambs. They
> both see the soldiers as boys.) And it stresses that Aral is older, so much
> older in experience and attitude - he's way past being a clean-minded boy.

Hmm...I took that in a different manner, that Aral might have a crush on
Kou but, you know, Kou was a clean-minded boy. But that could be just me.
Your explanation is much sweeter and I like it better.

> > Do any of you have any favorites like this?
> From the end of Brothers in Arms (This just captures each of them so
> perfectly):
> "At least this should be simpler than our late vacation on Earth," he said
> hopefully. "A purely military operation, no relatives, no politics, no high
> finance. Straight up good guys and bad guys."
> "Great," said Quinn. "Which are we?"

Quinn! I do miss her and wonder what she's up to in the world. Probably
finding most people (allies & enemies) easier to deal with next to Miles.

Miles might be hard on his commanders but it seems like if those under his
command thrive, they're going to do well for life, at least in their


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