[LMB] Penric Section 17 - Where do we go from here

Jennifer Johnson jennifer.johnson2557 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 06:22:27 BST 2016

After a long sleep and a hurried snack, Penric is summoned to meet
with an "intimidating committee": Tigney, 3 senior clerics, a city
magistrate, the saint of Idau and a middle aged lady, distinguished by
her fine silk gown, taking notes.  Penric relates his adventure in
greater detail, during which he begins to fault himself as a gullible
idiot. Tigney comes in for a share of criticism as well for trusting
Clee and putting him in the path of temptation. Still undecided: what
to do about Rusillin.

After the meeting, Tigney confines Penric to his rooms. Penric does
get to keep reading Ruchia's book though thanks to a compelling
argument. "Because if I don't have anything to read, and I can't leave
the house, I will have no way to pass the time except to experiment
with my new powers." He's learning!

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