[LMB] Re: What animals would the Firsters have brought to Barrayar-to-be?

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Wed Apr 6 04:51:26 BST 2016

On Apr 04, 2016, at 10:57 PM, Eric Oppen <ravenclaweric at gmail.com> wrote:

Rabbits? They're easy to keep and breed like---well, rabbits.

You might want to ask the Australians about importing rabbits...unless they're angoras, and in small numbers.
Bees? Once you've got enough Earth-type vegetation for them; some kinds of vegetation _need_ bees to pollinate them.

 and there are other pollinators as well. Bats are good for several things: gleefully consuming insect pests, and great though stinky fertilizer as well.

As for the mosquito, no entomologist can see any reason to keep them in existence (source is a recent NPR article), unlike the flea, which apparently has some use. Please don't bring earwigs.

I say yes to earthworms, red worms, and other critters that improve the soil. Silkworms and white mulberry trees. There are silkworms that eat oak leaves, too.

I'm not sure about llamas, but alpacas are great for yarn.  Now if vicuñas were imported, they'd make even better yarn.

As to plant fibers, cotton, flax, and bamboo also have other uses. Mangle-wurzels would be brought to feed stock.


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