[LMB] Birthday Tixie gets caught up!

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Wed Apr 6 22:34:48 BST 2016

I apologize to the two ladies whose birthdays are being celebrated, late-


First of all, I would like wish Jen Johnson joy and happiness on your 53rd
birthday! I hope you enjoy/enjoyed (I borrowed this lovely blue telephone
booth from a dear friend of mine, and this actually happened on your
birthday, at least according to Gallifreyan time) your visit to Ylla, where
I hope you spent a delightful time soaking in warm pools and drinking drinks
with umbrellas and piece of fruit in them. I hope you also enjoyed playing
Great House with Ivan and Tej-and they promise to pay you all the credits
you won from them, too, as soon as Tej becomes the new Baronne (they thought
they were suckering you in to playing too deeply, oops!). 


Happy Birthday!!!


And I would also like to wish Jill Tallman a Happy Birthday as well, though
I don't have a year in your data file. Well, that's one way to keep people
from suspecting that you actually did go and have that Betan rejuve
treatment, or at least a sheaf of therapies offered at the Orb for same. We
all hope you had a great time there, and hope you took advantage of their
offer for a copy of the videos. That will certainly give you something to
say any time someone goes on a little long about what they did on their last


Happy Birthday!!!


Jean Lamb

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