[LMB] How would ToI Barrayarans imagine Earth?

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 7 04:49:03 BST 2016


> Oh, boy, this is too, too much to imagine unless one is a serious ficcer. At least 
> part of the society must have regarded tales of the internet and airplanes and 
> whatnot as a fiction. All of these things are obviously impossible, so they must be 
> metaphors for something else. (But maybe a crackpot segment of society, if the 
> Barrayarans were good at history.) 

Howard: And some would have a pseudo-religious image of Earth.

Micki: It's really interesting to wonder: which bits of religion, myth and fable 
would be accepted on ToI Barrayar as "exterrestrial science/fact" and which bits 
of actual fact/science would be considered to be just tall-tales that old 
women told to entertain the children. Maybe young women "had" to have "vermine" 
slippers to wear for their first ball (a mangling of the ermine/glass slippers of 
Cinderella myths) -- this is considering Marc's point that keeping vermin off the 
ship would be a common problem. Add in the four languages and the way they 
mingled, evolved and got mangled, and I bet you get some really interesting 

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